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About Golden Age Refacing

Golden Age Refacing is a family-run business that first started in 2012.

Welcome to Golden Age Refacing, where family values meet craftsmanship!


Since kicking off in 2012, our family-led team has been turning houses into dream homes. Yes, we’re all siblings here, and guess what? We love it!


Working together, combining our passions, and creating beautiful spaces is what we do best. Seeing our clients beam with joy is what we live for. We’re all about exceeding your expectations and infusing your space with that special something.


Dreaming of a kitchen makeover, or a bathroom refresh, or need clever storage solutions? We’re on it! Let’s make your home shine, together.


Check Out Our Refacing Time Lapse!

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Our Process

Designer Comparing Samples

Free, In-Home Consultation

Start with a no-obligation sales call. You choose your colour and door style. We do a rough measure to get your estimate.

Tape Measuring

Detailed Measure

The measuring team will do a detailed measure. Your materials will be ordered. Once they arrive they are checked over. We call you to set up an installation date.


Most installations take 1 day

Installation Day

  • We arrive and cover your counters and floors with protective materials.

  • We remove the old doors and drawer fronts, and take them away, reserving any metal to be recycled.

  •  We add or remove cabinets based upon the design you have chosen.

  • We clean and prep the surfaces before applying the vinyl adhesive strips to cover the old colour.

Carpenter at Work

The Finishing

  • We install new, top of the line Marathon hinges.

  • We mark the placement of the drawer fronts and install.

  • We attach the kicks to the bases of the cabinets. 

  • Add mouldings like light moulding or crown.

  • We install the knobs or handles that you have chosen.

  • We clean up and remove any debris.

Create your dream kitchen!
Tell us about your project today.

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