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2024 Kitchen Cabinet Trend Predictions

Updated: Apr 25

Hey there, kitchen design enthusiasts! As we step into a new year, let's talk about what's cooking in the world of kitchen cabinets for 2024. Get ready to spice up your cooking space with these anticipated trends that might just redefine the heart of your home!


1. Embracing Eco-Friendly Vibes: Sustainability is taking center stage, influencing kitchen cabinet selections. At Golden Age Refacing, we're proud to offer doors made from 99% recycled materials, available in captivating colors! When you schedule your estimate, don't hesitate to discuss pricing options with our knowledgeable sales experts.


2. Sleek and Chic: The trend of maximizing cabinet height is still going strong. Incorporating stacker boxes paired with crown molding brings numerous advantages! Say goodbye to the hassle of dusting that tricky space between your cabinets and the ceiling! Introducing stacker boxes not only elevates your kitchen's aesthetic but also creates visual interest, provides extra storage, and opens up possibilities for grander, taller doors.


3. Color Pop and Unique Finishes: Get ready for bold and adventurous colors in your cabinets. From deep blues and rich greens to edgy matte blacks or wood tones, 2024 might just be the year to experiment with a splash of color.


4. Matte, Mauve, and Magnificent: If neutral tones are your preference, here's good news. While true white remains timeless, the latest trend predictions suggest a shift towards creamy, off-white shades. All-white cabinets are always a safe bet, but keep an eye out for the rise of soft grays, creamy tones, and hints of light brown.


5. How About Both Hues?: Embracing the trend into 2024, we foresee the enduring popularity of two-toned kitchens. Imagine white or cream doors on upper cabinets, blending harmoniously with trending tones like sage green, navy blue, or gray on the lower ones. This trend isn't fading away anytime soon—it's here to stay!


6. Smart Kitchens, Smart Cabinets: As smart homes rise, cabinets might get tech-savvy too! Think built-in charging spots, sensor-triggered lighting, or even cabinets with built-in digital screens for recipes or managing your kitchen inventory.


7. Open and Transparent: While closed cabinets remain classic, open shelving and glass inserts are gaining traction. Showcase your curated kitchenware or access daily essentials easily with open-style options.


Remember, trends are like spices – use them according to your taste! The key is to create a kitchen that reflects your style and makes being in that space an absolute joy.

Are you ready to revamp your kitchen cabinets and spice up your culinary haven in 2024? Refacing, Remodeling or Renovating? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Please note: The predictions are based on our Golden Age Refacing team's insights and observations, not exhaustive research.

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