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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?  

Our first visit is a sales call and estimate which can take 1-2 hours.

The full detailed measure takes between 30 mins and 2 hours.

From the time of the deposit to completed kitchen averages 6 weeks.

Installation takes 1- 2 days.

What areas do you service?  

We are based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, but we have installed all over the lower mainland.  We generally concentrate in the Fraser Valley region.

What is thermofoil?  

Thermofoil doors are just one of the options we offer, but it is by far the most popular. Thermofoil technology has come a long way in the past two decades, and today's materials resist yellowing, cracking, chipping and staining. 

Resilient vinyl is heat bonded over a 100% recycled 3/4 inch MDF core material that has been formed to the style you have chosen.  The vinyl is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of colours and textures.

Are there other choices other than thermofoil?  

Yes!  Our supplier has painted or primed MDF, and solid wood options as well. 

What will it cost?  

You costs are based on a price per square foot, and any additional options that you might choose, plus GST. Our sales visit costs nothing and carries no obligation, you will have a good idea of your costs after that initial visit. 

What sorts of modifications can you do?  

We can:

  • add or remove cabinets and banks of drawers

  • switch cabinets to drawers

  • do repairs and upgrades to existing cabinetry

  • add light mouldings

  • add crown mouldings

  • replace open shelves with new cabinets

  • adapt a layout for the new taller refridgerators

  • adapt for over the range microwave hood fans

  • add pantries

  • add pull out drawers to cabinets

  • add extensions to the tops of your cabinets to ceiling height

  • add glass doors

What can't you do?  

We basically need to work with your kitchen layout the way it is. If your walls are not plum, or your ceiling is not level, we cannot fix that, and we may need to modify the design to adapt to those existing conditions. 

We can't cover curved or highly figured existing fixtures. These sorts of features will need to be replaced with something else, or painted. Our customers often opt to repaint portions of the cabinetry in preparation for refacing, and this is fine. Our material sticks wonderfully to paint, so you don't need to waste time masking off. We can supply you with samples of material in order to get a good match, if needed.

We will let you know at our first visit any potential areas of concern if you are changing up any other elements in your space.

When you say you "cover all exposed areas", what does that mean?

Good question! That means that all of the areas that are immediately visible.  Generally we do not cover the undersides of cabinets, and the sides of cabinets that meet appliances, such as next to your stove. The price we quote you is based on square footage, and these areas are not easily seen, it saves our customers a lot of money not to cover these, but they can be added, if you would like them to be.  We also do not cover the front edges of the shelves of the interior of your cabinets, only the top and bottom edges of the cabinet box.

Do you do countertops?  


Not ourselves, but we can show you samples and arrange countertops through one of our partner companies.

Do you do bathrooms?

Yes!  We do bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms, laundry rooms, workshops, garages and retail spaces. Any cabinet can be spruced up by refacing!

Do you do brand new kitchens?

Yes! We can also install new cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms and anything you can think of.

Do you only have women customers, and why do they sound like they belong on the swedish bikini team?

Well, we have lots of customers, and not just women, but we needed a way to post pictures without infringing on our customers' privacy, so we have changed names. We will often choose a letter of the customer's last name or city of residence. If a past customer sees an image they would prefer not to have on the internet, we will happily remove it. 

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